Shockwave Therapy Products

Clinical & At-Home Use

Oceanus America is dedicated to providing the tools you need to take control of everyday health by making wellness technology more accessible.

Oceanus Specializes in the Design and Development of Shockwave Therapy Devices

We have perfected a cost-effective method of manufacturing, design, and distribution of clinical and home use shockwave technologies. Oceanus distributes shockwave therapy products globally to both physicians and home users. We stand behind every product with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty. We provide continual customer service for every customer.

Since 2013 Oceanus has been a leader in physiotherapy technology products

A Leader in Physiotherapy Technology Products

Founded in 2013, Oceanus is a leading innovator in pain management therapy products. We specialize in shockwave therapies for both clinical use and at-home use. It is our company’s mission to provide high-quality yet cost-effective pain management and physiotherapy devices to the global market.

ISO13485 Quality Management

Our core focus is on the manufacturing of high-quality shockwave therapy devices. Our factory and quality management system are certified to the ISO 13485 medical device manufacturing standard. Our products are CE certified and we are registered with the FDA.

Innovative Devices and an Extensive Distribution Network

Oceanus specializes in the design and development of shockwave therapy devices. We have perfected a cost-effective method of manufacturing for both ultrasonic wave and radial shockwave technologies. Oceanus distributes products globally to both distributors and end-users. We warranty every product and provide continual customer service for every customer.

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At Oceanus, we provide shockwave therapy devices for both clinical and at-home use. Browse our products and find the right shockwave therapy products for your clinic or home today.

Shockwave Therapy Devices for Clinical Use

Shockwave therapy is a newer practice that has proven to help patients with pain management. Utilizing this therapy can enhance your own practice and provide many benefits for you and your patients.

Shockwave Therapy Devices for At-Home Use

With your own shockwave therapy device, you can get the results of shockwave treatment at your own pace, safely administered from home.