Across the world, the shockwave therapy device market was worth about $91.6 million as of 2016 and is expected to grow even more. Shockwave therapy devices are used in many types of medicine, including orthopedics, physiotherapy, urology, and more. 

It provides patients with increased mobility and a non-surgical option for the treatment of chronic pain.

There are many other benefits that come from using a shockwave therapy device! Do you want to learn more about the different ways that you can use a shockwave therapy machine? Keep reading this article for the top 10 reasons you should use this type of device!

1. Alternative to Surgery and Medication

Often, the only solution to serious injuries and chronic pain is surgery or medication. However, shockwave therapy is a great alternative to both of these choices! Shockwave therapy has been found to be just as effective as other treatments. 

Plus, it is much less invasive and stressful on your body. Instead, shockwave therapy focuses on your body’s ability to self-heal. With a few sessions of simple shockwave therapy, you can heal your injuries instead of having to pay for expensive surgery. 

Shockwave therapy also has a high success rate, so you will not have to worry about dealing with your chronic pain after finishing your treatment sessions. 

Finally, there are very few shockwave therapy side effects that you have to worry about. There is a slight risk of redness and swelling, but it is a much less dangerous alternative to surgery. 

2. Treats the Cause & Symptoms

When you are dealing with chronic pain, it can be easy to take anti-inflammatory medication or a pain killer to improve the symptoms. However, these will not do anything to provide you with long-term relief. 

Instead, it acts as a small patch to temporarily relieve your pain. By finding options to treat the cause of your pain, you will find more lasting relief. This is one of the main reasons why people choose shockwave therapy. 

When you have chronic pain, your discomfort can be hard to ignore and can impact your daily life! Shockwave therapy will help you get to the root of your pain. Shockwave therapy devices support the body and encourage it to heal itself, while also improving your pain and other symptoms!

3. Fast Treatment

Another great benefit of using shockwave therapy to treat injuries or chronic pain is that it provides very fast treatment! Typically, shockwave therapy requires 6-8 treatment sessions for the best results. Each of these sessions is very fast and only takes about 10 minutes. 

However, shockwave therapy provides nearly instant pain relief! You may even notice improvement after your first treatment session. 

Plus, shockwave therapy doesn’t require any downtime after your treatment. If you were to go to physical therapy or try surgical treatment options, you may be sore and unable to move on your own for days or even weeks after treatment. 

Shockwave therapy provides pain relief and recovery after just a few days of treatment!

4. Increases Blood Flow and Collagen Production

Next, using shockwave therapy is a great way to increase your blood flow and collagen production in your body. Because shockwave therapy devices use acoustic waves, they create small tears in your soft tissues. 

This then makes your body create new blood vessels, which increases blood flow and oxygenation to your injured area. 

Collagen is also essential for bone and joint health and is a huge component in muscles and connective tissues. When you use shockwave therapy, your body naturally increases collagen products and creates stronger cells. 

5. Targeted Therapy

Something else that makes shockwave therapy a great option for many conditions is that it provides targeted therapy. This means it only treats the areas of your body that are damaged. 

If you were to take medication for your chronic pain, it wouldn’t know exactly what part of your body was hurting. Instead, pain relievers work by going everywhere in your body and traveling through your bloodstream

On the other hand, you can use shockwave therapy only where you need it! These come in handheld devices that you can move around to any part of your body where you are feeling pain. 

This also makes it easy to treat conditions in hard-to-reach areas, like tennis elbow!

6. Natural Healing

Your body is completely capable of repairing itself. Sometimes, it just needs a little help getting started. Shockwave therapy promotes natural healing, which makes it a great option for people who prioritize holistic methods of healing. 

When your body feels the sound waves that come from your shockwave therapy machine, it will begin to increase the blood flow to the damaged area. This is essential, as improved blood flow is needed to heal injuries. 

This also can help reduce the inflammation in your injured areas. 

Shockwave therapy can also help stimulate new cell growth. When your body creates newer, healthier cells, they will replace the older cells that are damaged and weak. 

Finally, shockwave therapy will help with collagen production, which is essential to repair your injuries. It will also help your new cell structures develop correctly. As your body naturally heals and repairs your injured tissues, this will also lower your pain! 

7. Breaks Down Scar Tissue & Calcification

Next, using shockwave therapy can help you break down scar tissue! When you get injured repeatedly, it can lead to the thick and fibrous tissue that is difficult to remove. This scar tissue can also cause immobility, as it is not elastic. 

When you use shockwave therapy, the sound waves will help break down the fibrous tissue to improve your mobility and lessen your pain!

Similarly, shockwave therapy can reduce calcification in your tendons. When you damage a tendon or have severe wear and tear on a tendon, it leads to degenerative calcification. This happens when calcium deposits form on your tendons, due to poor oxygenation. 

This calcification can lead to worse complications, like bone pain, bone spurs, and more. Luckily, shockwave therapy is a great way to reduce calcification in your tendons without surgery or other invasive treatments. 

The acoustic waves break through the built-up calcium and your body will expel it. 

8. Relaxes Trigger Points

When you are injured or have extreme muscle tension in certain areas of your body, they are known as trigger points. They are quite painful, as the muscle tension prevents blood from flowing to these areas of your body. It also prevents your muscles from receiving enough oxygen, which is essential for healing injuries and removing waste from your body. 

If your body is no longer able to remove waste, it causes more tension and creates worse problems for your injury.

With shockwave therapy, the acoustic waves help release the tension in the trigger points, which will ease your pain and break the cycle of tension. 

9. Interrupts Pain Signal

When you get injured, your body sends pain messages through a neurotransmitter. This neurotransmitter is also known as Substance P, which causes you to feel pain. With shockwave therapy, you can lower the concentrations of this substance, which essentially interrupts the pain signals. 

This is why shockwave therapy is effective for pain relief, especially for those dealing with chronic pain! These gentle impulses and radio waves will decrease your pain because they will keep pain signals from reaching your brain in the first place!

If you are looking for a natural solution for pain relief, you should consider investing in an in-home shockwave therapy device

10. Works for Many Conditions

Finally, you should use a shockwave therapy machine because it works for many conditions! Some of the most common uses for these devices are to treat painful tendons, musculoskeletal conditions, connective tissues, bones, and even neurological disorders. 

In fact, many different medical specialties use this as a treatment, including sports therapy. It can even help improve pain that is not responding to other treatments, like rest, ice, and more. 

If you need help improving your mobility or finding pain relief, shockwave therapy can help you heal. 

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