Are you one of the millions of people living with chronic pain? Have you tried treatment after treatment to no avail but don’t want to go the surgery route?

If this sounds like you, shock wave therapy may be just what the doctor ordered. 

This groundbreaking treatment helps millions of people worldwide suffering from chronic and acute pain find relief without invasive procedures. Read on to learn more. 

What Is Shock Wave Therapy?

Shock wave therapy is a non-invasive procedure that can be used to treat various issues—everything from bone deformities to soft tissue injuries.

Shock wave therapy machines work by sending high-frequency sound waves directly into an affected area. The treatment re-injures the area on a cellular level. This serves to break up any scarring or adhesions that have penetrated tendons and ligaments and the calcification of bones.

This controlled re-injuring actually helps the body regenerate both blood vessels and bone cells. Both of which will activate the body’s own healing mechanisms. Making shock wave therapy perfect for managing pain and ultimately eliminating it.

What Are the Benefits of Shock Wave Therapy?

Shock wave therapy has so many benefits. First off, there is no downtime after treatment for recovery. That means no hospital stays, no anesthesia required, no scarring, and no risk of infection. 

All of that means that shock wave therapy is incredibly cost-effective. You go in; you get treatment, you go back to living your life. 

Further, the range of issues that can be addressed with shock wave therapy is huge. Because it’s quick, effective, and applicable head to toe, many people find this treatment is a lifesaver. Providing them relief without surgery where other treatments failed them.  

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Shock wave therapy is non-invasive, incredibly effective, and painless.

Because people are all so different, it’s impossible to determine how long it will take you to see results. Depending on your specific issue or injury, you could see results after one or two treatments. In fact, many patients have reported this to be the case.

The shock wave treatment itself usually lasts about thirty minutes. During which time your tissue will be hyperstimulated, creating something of an anesthesia effect. Many people report they feel great immediately after treatment.

For some, this feeling can last for hours. For others, it may last for days. But research shows that it can take roughly four months after getting shock wave therapy to feel the full effect. 

How Can I Get Shock Wave Therapy? 

Because of its effectiveness, many physicians have added shock wave therapy to their treatment protocols. You can start by asking your doctor about shock wave therapy treatments. 

If they haven’t yet added the equipment, you can ask if they would be willing to do so. Conversely, you could invest in a shock wave therapy machine for your home. We have a variety of machines that are safe and easy to use. 

If you have any questions about shock wave therapy, reach out today. Our friendly staff is standing by, ready to help you feel better fast.