About Oceanus America

We believe everybody deserves to enjoy a vibrant, pain free life.

Our Mission

Oceanus America is dedicated to providing the tools you need to take control of everyday health by making wellness technology more accessible.

At Oceanus America…

We take pride in supplying you with the ISO 13485 and CE certified medical devices and therapy equipment you need to make every day wellness a reality every day. We have products created specifically for you. Find products that will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regaining mobility, or improving your overall health. Our products will help you feel better each and every day.

We cultivate a culture of innovation to turn innovative ideas into game-changing realities with MedTech solutions that benefit patients, doctors, and our team.

Suleyman BilgutayFounder & Chief Wellness Officer

Our Story

How we’ve blended education, innovation, and over a decade of pioneering in the tech wellness industry to provide shockwave therapy for every body.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Technology for Non-Narcotic Pain Management

Established in 2013, Oceanus America is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality shockwave therapy devices and an extensive distribution network. Based in the United States, Oceanus America has a reputation for providing quality management system are certified to the ISO 13485 medical device manufacturing standard. Our products are CE certified, and we are registered with the FDA. Besides the United States market, Oceanus has a vast international distributorship, encompassing 87 countries.

At Oceanus America, we have emphasized a close relationship with our end-users. These relationships have ranged from local hospitals and clinics down to the human element of patients everywhere. This close connection between quality manufacturing and customer has been essential to our success, allowing us to respond to the market needs and develop user friendly solutions. We look forward to a bright future continuing to provide cost effective and superior shockwave therapy devices, innovations and education.

We Offer

  • B2B Purchasing
  • Direct Sales
  • Training & Support
  • Marketing & Education
  • Design & Engineering
  • Medical Device Software Development
  • Quality Control
  • Packaging
  • Scalable, cGMP-Compliant Manufacturing

How We Can Help

Oceanus America, founded in 2013, is a pioneer in the field of shockwave therapy. We are experts in shockwave therapy for both clinical and at-home applications. Our company’s objective is to serve the global market with high-quality, cost-effective pain management and physiotherapy products.

Oceanus America specializes in a diverse selection of shockwave treatment devices from the design phase through development and distribution. For both ultrasonic wave and radial shockwave technologies, we have created a cost-effective manufacturing procedure. Oceanus America sells to both distributors and end-users around the world. We offer a one-year guarantee on all of our products and give ongoing support to everyone we serve.

Award Winning Innovation

At every level of product development, we collaborate with the world’s best physical therapists, trainers, engineers, and scientists. We’ll continue to innovate as your demands change. 

Our team of engineers, designers, and healthcare professionals are passionate about helping people live their lives vibrantly. Our goal is to provide you with the Medtech tools you need to build your health for life. Together, we are making wellness more accessible for everybody.

Who We Can Help

Award Winning Innovation

A relentless commitment to innovation met rigorous testing and direct feedback from people in need. The result? Award-winning innovations you have to feel to believe.


At Oceanus America, physicians can find revenue generating shockwave therapy products that meet the clinical needs of patients.


Patients deserve to take charge of their personal wellness, no matter what thier budget may be. We are proud to offer you the latest technologies in shockwave therapy.