Acuity CDR Chiropractic Digital X-Ray System

The ACUITY SDR+, is a digital radiography (DR) system designed for a wide range of general and specialized diagnostic imaging. The Semi-automated, pre-programmed positioning allows for maximum efficiency, allowing for up to 60 customized, preprogrammed positions of any exam type.  The enclosed Digital flat panel detector offers flexible imaging of all anatomy with superior resolution at industry-leading lower doses. The Acuity SDR+ Integrated 10” touchscreen display console automatically controls all system components while providing the operator with unprecedented simplicity and ease of use.


The Acuity line has been expanded to include a new advanced yet affordable x-ray system designed specifically for chiropractic care, the Acuity CDR. The Acuity CDR is a smaller more compact system that comes with a variety of features that will help Chiropractors with their day-to-day imaging workflow. This x-ray solution can fit in virtually any x-ray room as well as drastically cut down installation time reducing clinical downtime.

The Acuity CDR software is fully integrated to the x-ray generator and x-ray techniques are seamlessly preselected based on the anatomical region.


  • Powerful magnetic lock brakes to raise and lower system effortlessly
  • Fully counterbalanced, ultra small footprint system
  • Removable grid
  • Integrated High Frequency X-Ray Generator
  • Integrated High Performance Digital Flat Panel DR Detector
  • Rotating Dual Laser LED collimator with precise alignment
  • Optional: AEC – Automatic Exposure Control
  • Simple & Quick Installation
  • Diagnostic image less than 3 seconds
  • HD Direct Deposited Csi Technology
  • Automatic Exposure Detection

Advanced Chiropractic Tools

  • Gonstead Measurements
  • Cervical Analysis’s
  • Cervical Curve
  • Logan Tool
  • George’s Lines
  • Illium Analysis
  • Spine labeling/numbering
  • Lumbar Curve
  • Many More….


AccuVue Cloud PACS X-Ray Viewing Software

AccuVue Cloud X-Ray PACS software

Radmedix’s powerful AccuVue software offers a clean, customizable user interface for fluid workflow even when complex exams are demanded. It’s 10 point touch optimization offers the look and feel of a modern software GUI users expect from a seasoned imaging system. AccuVue was designed for premium chiropractic imaging in mind.

  • 10 point touchscreen optimization
  • Customizable tool bar menu’s – display only what you use
  • Advanced image wizard
  • Display and customize diagnostic image with 9 different processing’s from a single shot
  • Email exams from directly within the software
  • Complete generator integration with RadmediX X-Ray Systems
  • Create unlimited common customized exams
  • Create and generate reports

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