Roughly 5% of men that are at least 40 years old suffer from complete erectile dysfunction. That figure increases by an additional 15% in males that are 70 years of age. For numerous men, impotence is an issue that puts them in a position to require ED treatment.

Although there are many forms of treatment for erectile dysfunction, not all of them are effective. Plus, certain techniques work better for some men than others.

Shock wave therapy has become one of the preferred methods of treatment for men who experience impotence. What’s even better, patients can do shockwave therapy for ED at home.

If you’re curious to learn more about this, continue reading below.

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Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction: What Is It?

Shockwave therapy is another term for low-intensity shockwave therapy. This procedure is a non-invasive treatment that has been used in the orthopedics industry for many years. It helps to heal injured tendons, broken bones, and damaged ligaments.

Low-intensity shock wave therapy also promotes wound healing. It uses high-energy waves to speed up cell growth and repair tissue. When it comes to erections, a healthy blood flow must go into the penile tissue.

Shockwave therapy helps to repair and strengthen the blood vessels inside of the penis, which enhances blood flow. This particular treatment is an alternative to conventional erectile dysfunction treatments, such as Viagra.

How Does Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Work?

Shockwave therapy uses acoustic waves that pulsate and stimulate the healing response of dormant stem cells and increases the growth factors within the penis. Once the growth factors are released, new blood vessels are created and damaged erectile tissues are restored.

Not only that, but shockwave therapy can also encourage the growth of the nerve tissues within the penis, which leads to increased blood flow. The primary objective of shockwave therapy is to invigorate erectile tissue and nerves.

The Benefits of Shockwave Therapy for ED

There are several benefits to receiving ED treatments via shockwave therapy. Here are a few of them:

Painless Therapy

One of the greatest benefits of shockwave therapy for ED is that it’s painless. The treatment involves using a wand-like instrument and moving it over the penis so that the acoustic waves can stimulate blood flow—that’s it.

It’s a very gentle procedure, that won’t cause any type of discomfort after therapy is over.

No Medication Involved

For some men, taking oral medications like Cialis and Viagra isn’t a good idea. The meds can create their own side effects that could cause discomfort.

Luckily, shockwave therapy doesn’t involve any of that. Therefore you can receive therapy for your impotence without worrying about taking a potentially harmful drug.

There are very minimal side effects to shockwave therapy, and most men don’t experience any of them. If a patient does experience side effects, it’s usually a mild tingling feeling or tenderness that occurs for a few days after treatment.

In those cases, it’s best for patients to either shorten the length of their therapy sessions or use a lower setting on the one device.


Not only is shockwave therapy for ED painless, but it is also non-invasive. The device used for shockwave therapy only touches the exterior of the penis. There are no implants required and no other invasive tools needed to make the treatment successful.

This is a great option for men who prefer to have very little intrusion to treat their impotence.

Time Efficient

Another great advantage of this form of treatment is that it doesn’t take long. One therapy session shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes. That means you can receive treatment for your erectile dysfunction without taking up too much of your daily life and schedule.

For men who are busy and don’t have time for lengthy treatment sessions, this form of therapy is the way to go.

Heightened Sensations

One of the main goals of shockwave therapy is to repair erectile tissues and nerve endings. When this happens, it allows the penis to experience more powerful sexual sensations.

 This form of treatment isn’t just about correcting the issue of erectile dysfunction. But it also aims to enhance the overall pleasure of intercourse.

Stronger Erections

When there is increased blood flow and circulation to the penis, it results in long-lasting, firmer erections. When it comes to satisfactory sex, it’s not enough to just be able to get an erection.

The good news is, shockwave therapy works to make sure that patients not only receive an erection, but that they have better erections.

More Stamina

Lots of men also experience increased sexual performance after undergoing shockwave treatment. This outcome varies from patient to patient, but it’s a huge perk of receiving shockwave therapy. For lots of guys, being able to experience erections is a courage booster that leads to better sex.

Why Perform Shockwave Therapy for ED at Home?

Now that you know all of the great perks of receiving shockwave treatment, now it’s time to learn the advantages of receiving shockwave therapy for ED at home.

Believe it or not, switching your therapy sessions to a home environment greatly increases the overall benefits of choosing this type of therapy to correct erectile dysfunction.

These are some of the advantages of undergoing shockwave therapy for ED at home:


One of the biggest advantages of doing shockwave therapy for ED at home is privacy. If you are an individual who does not feel comfortable with the idea of allowing another person to perform ED treatments for you, this is a huge plus.

Doing this type of treatment is so simple and easy, that you can literally do it yourself, so why not?


Another one of the perks of doing shockwave therapy for ED home is that it’s convenient. You don’t have to worry about setting an appointment and going into a clinic to receive therapy.

You can literally get therapy for your impotence without leaving the house. Using a home device for erectile dysfunction is a game-changer!

Travel Friendly

Not only can you perform shockwave therapy for ED at home, but you can do it anywhere. If you are on a business trip or vacation, pack your device and take it with you.

That way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on sessions when you’re not in a home environment.

If you went to a clinic to receive treatment, you would only be able to do so when you weren’t away.

Continual Use

Most of the time, patients receive about six sessions when they first start treatment at a medical office. However, at some point, they need more sessions. When this happens, men who receive shockwave therapy for ED at home already have the tools needed to provide themselves with more treatment.

However, if you were to get therapy through a medical professional, it would require booking more sessions and taking more time to go see the specialist.


Speaking of continual use, buying a home device for shockwave therapy is more cost-efficient. As stated above, if you need more treatment sessions, you’ll have to go to the medical facility once again.

Not only will you have to go again, but you’ll also have to pay again. The good thing about doing shockwave ED treatments at home is that once you buy the therapy device, it’s yours for good. You can continue to use it as often as you need to.

Ways to Enhance Shockwave Therapy Results

Shockwave therapy works wonders for men who experience erectile dysfunction. However, there are some things that can be done to enhance the results. Many of the reasons why some men experience impotence is because there’s an underlined issue.

Maybe that person has poor health, they are overweight, have heart disease, or diabetes. Other times the issue stems from psychological problems. If a man is experiencing anxiety or depression, it can trigger problems with getting an erection.

Therefore, it’s best to try and combat the root cause of the issue. If your erectile dysfunction is linked to your health, make it a point to eat healthier and exercise regularly.

If the problem is mental or emotional, consider speaking with a therapist. Getting out your emotions is helpful for overcoming mental setbacks.

It’s also a good idea to have a discussion with your partner about any relationship issues that are affecting your sexual performance.

Shockwave Therapy for ED at Home

If you want to undergo shockwave therapy for ED at home, Oceanus can help. Our PhysioLITE device allows for easy, quick therapy treatments in the privacy of your own home. Not only that, but it’s just as effective as getting shockwave therapy from a medical professional.

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