Clinical Shockwave Therapy Products

What Is ShockWave Therapy?

Shockwave and therapy are two distinct principles that have been combined to create the newest wave in physical medicine. Shockwave therapy combines the physical properties of sonic pressure waves with the art of medical science to produce a therapeutic result.

Shockwave therapy is a versatile treatment method of transforming continuous sound waves into short pressure pulses that flow through a targeted tissue to generate medical benefits like pain alleviation, plaque destruction, and elasticity restoration without the need of drugs or invasive surgical procedures.

Shockwave therapy is a relatively new type of medical treatment for various conditions affecting the muscles and tendons. The therapy uses pulsating pressure to break up and disperse scar tissue and increase blood flow, which in turn helps to reduce pain and inflammation. It can also be used to promote quicker recovery from exercise, injury or surgery, thereby reducing the burden for rehabilitation and the associated costs of physical therapy programs.

The story of Shockwave success as a non-invasive treatment used in physical medicine started during the 1970s. First introduced into modern medicine as a high intensity treatment of kidney stones that breaks larger stones into smaller stones without harming the surrounding tissue, shockwave therapy quickly became a celebrity throughout modern urology.

Three decades after the introduction of shockwaves in medical practice, the use has expanded to include a broad range of therapeutic musculoskeletal soft-tissue applications.

Shockwave therapy is not only non-invasive in treating pain and injuries, but it also boasts a very safe track record that leaves no long-term side effects. As a result, a patient can benefit from a fast treatment that works on both short term and long term injury healing .